About Lakeview Farm

We strive always to meet the show standards of the National Pygmy Goat Assn. in our breeding program and have done since 1994.

While any goat can be a sweet beloved pet, our philosophy is that only animals of superior quality should be reproduced. This insures the offspring the best possible chance at a positive and useful life.
(Grandpa always said that the very best livestock costs no more to care for than miscellaneous “Junk Critters”).
Grandpa was right.

We love and enjoy our goats, and love seeing the happiness that they bring to others as well.

Here at Lakeview, we have a passion for living things and appreciate the fascination that they bring to our beautiful world.

Mount Timpanogos and last year’s Peacock babies watching over the farm.

Belinda is 26 years old and still producing little emus for us every spring.


Purebred tri-color mini Rex and Holland Lop rabbits.

Sunset from the front yard

Sunset over the back pasture,